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We are consulting engineers who bring products from a napkin sketch to the final product – Dive into our creative universe here on the site.

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Podovo adskiller sig fra andre ingeniør virksomheder af flere grunde. 

Are you looking for engineers who create impressive designs that can actually be realized?

Are you looking for engineers who create impressive designs that can actually be realized?

Our team of engineers is ready to help you bring your innovative ideas to life. With us, it’s not just about delivering products, but also about giving you the ultimate flexibility in a constantly changing world.

Flexible Approach

Risk-Free Start

Financial Overview

Full Influence

We understand that the world is changing rapidly, and your needs may change along with it. Our phase-divided offer allows you to adjust your project accordingly.

You don’t need to commit to an entire project at once. Start with the first phase, and if you are satisfied with our work and collaboration, you can confidently proceed to the next phase.

Our approach gives you clarity on the costs of each phase. You avoid unexpected expenses and can make well-informed decisions.

You always have the final say. If at any point you feel that our collaboration does not meet your expectations, you can terminate the project without further obligations.

Projects We Have Been Involved In

Podovo thrives on solving complex problems and creating innovative products. Our cases reflect the skill and dedication we bring to each project.


Opfindelse, Mekanisk konstruktion, DFM, Grafik

DUO Bithsolder

Opfindelse, Mekanisk konstruktion, DFM

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Opfindelse, Mekanisk konstruktion, DFM

Orbiloc Lygte

Opfindelse, Mekanisk konstruktion, DFM, Grafik

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Opfindelse, Mekanisk konstruktion, DFM, Grafik

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We continue the great collaboration with Podovo, which is based on creativity and understanding of the design and production limitations we might set.
Anette Kristensen
Salgs- og marketingchef, Orbiloc
Podovo's ability to gather knowledge and create understanding of the context means that Podovo can turn our thoughts and challenges into actual products that create value for our customers.
Erik Ebbe
Ejer, GN Belysning
We use Podovo because they are solution-oriented, creative, immerse themselves in the task, and solve it to the top class. There is nothing that cannot be solved when Podovo is involved!
Adam Hansen
CEO, AW Technologies

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